Frequently Asked Questions


For your convenience, we've compiled a list of frequently asked questions below. However, if you're question isn't listed below then feel free to contact us here.

Are there age restrictions for people in the group?

We have hunting and fishing trips that can be tailored to the needs of your group. Some activities and locations are suitable for younger children or those with limited mobility, but it's best to contact us with your specific needs.

 Can we bring our own gear?

We can provide you with all you will need, but you are also most welcome to bring your own hunting, fishing and diving gear. 

On most trips people bring their own:

  • Suitable hunting clothes 

  • Good Jacket for cold or wet conditions 

  • Sleeping bag 

  • Towels 

  • Footwear with good ankle support and grip.

  • Torch or headlamps

  • Chilly bin/cooler or something clean to take your meat/seafood home in.

Can we add more species to our target hunt?

Some of our targeted species are in specific locations around the country, but with enough time we are able to create custom itineraries to suit your needs.

  • Red deer 

  • Sika Deer

  • Fallow deer 

  • Wild Boar

  • Small game

  • Game birds (ducks, turkeys,  pheasants, peacocks). 

What happens with our kills?

Deer, pigs and goats etc are gutted, skinned (if you prefer) and prepared for butchery. 

Ideally carcasses are able to be "hung and chilled down whole for at least one night before butchering. We can also help you find a local game/homekill butcher in some regions, but it is good if you can research that beforehand. Seafood is cleaned, filleted and kept on ice.

What can we expect on a normal tour?

Pick up, or meet up at hunt destination or a nearby location, instruction and health and safety briefing followed by a day or more of fun and excitement, humor from your guides, comfortable lodgings and delicious homemade meals.

At the end of your chosen experience, animals are prepared to take home.

What locations can we hunt?

  • Whanganui/raetihi 

  • Wairarapa 

  • Hawkes Bay

  • Marlborough and North Canterbury (South Island)

 Is there an emergency plan in place should someone become injured or lost? 

We pride ourselves on our health and safety record and do everything possible to keep our clients safe. We use quality radio communication equipment, GPS Tracking equipment and Personal locator systems in case of an emergency. All guides are trained in emergency first aid.  

What’s the maximum and minimum number of days a tour can be for?

You can combine experiences or in most cases alter the length of our advertised packages to suit your timeframe.  We can also offer fully customized experiences and itineraries with enough notice.

 What’s the likelihood we won’t catch anything at all?

We pride ourselves on our success rate in both hunting and fishing and your guides will always try their best to ensure your success. In Over 11 years of guiding, our deer hunt record is almost perfect, and we plan to keep it that way. 

Pig hunting is a lot more unpredictable and challenging. We recommend more than one day to help secure success here.