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Marc, March 2019

I’ve been using total safari for the last 3 years for trips and have advised on all trips what I would like to target, every trip has delivered results of pigs, deers, kingfish and endless fish.


Matt fully knows what he’s doing and I would highly recommend any of his trips and I can’t wait to book my next adventure with these guys...


Abrie, May 2020

Great day out with amazing guys. Awesome support and exhilarating experience. 


An absolute must if you want to bag a beautiful animal and find yourself in the best scenery the North island can offer.


Shannon, 2016

Outstanding! Matt was an excellent guide with very in depth knowledge of the area and hunting in general. He was very professional and an excellent teacher when it came to showing a few of the lesser experienced lads how to stalk, dispatch and gut our kills.


Me and the boys can't stop talking about how much we enjoyed our trip and can't wait to start planning another one with the guys from Total Safaris NZ.


Eugene, 2016

Can I just express our thanks to Matt, Chris & Dean for a great hunting and fishing experience over a five day period. As well as being great guides you guys are great hosts with entertaining personalities. recommend you to anyone who wants a unique hunting and fishing experience where flexibility is not an issue with the clients end goal experience being paramount. You guys will be seeing myself and Daniel again for another great adventure.

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Gregg, 2018, USA


Matt W, 2016

My mate and I were keen to get into hunting but, although we could use a rifle and had outdoor skills, we didn't know a thing about hunting deer. We chose a Total Safari fallow deer hunt to help us get into it and what a great choice it was. We explained to our guide Matt that we were their to learn - not just for the experience. He was friendly, helpful and (importantly for newbies) very relaxed and patient. Over the course of the weekend we learnt how to spot and stalk, line up a shot, dress and carry, hand, skin and butcher. Wow!! Four deer later we now have freezers full of delicious wild venison. Thanks heaps to Matt for a terrific weekend.


Barb, B 2017

My husband went fishing with Matt one afternoon late Feb 2017. He had a wonderful time and has recommended Total Safari to other people we met while in New Zealand. Matt knew where to find the fish and how to catch them. They caught several good Snappers as well as other species. My husband really enjoyed the fishing, being on the ocean and visiting with Matt. If you're in the area and like to fish or hunt, I highly recommend Total Safari. They are really good people and will work with you to provide you with the experience you are looking for and you'll have a great time!


Dave D, 2018

The guides are experienced hunters that know their stuff and are only to happy to share their knowledge. Great hospitality and amazing patience.

We set a pretty hard target of 7 of our party all wanting a deer of our own and they put us on the spot each time to smash it! Then we ate like kings!!

Great experience, I would recommend these guys to beginners and the experienced alike.

Looking forward to the next hunt!

After several weeks of emails between myself in VIrginia and Matt in NZ, we scheduled a pig hunt for my husband Gregg. I was thrilled that Matt and Chris were so helpful working around our visit to the north island. Gregg had a fabulous time and that made me very happy. Here is Gregg's testimonial.
" I hunted pigs with Chris after he met me in Masterton on the North Island on Jan 13, 2018. After hunting with hounds for years here in the states, I wanted to experience this in NZ. Chris is a very knowledgeable guide and dog handler; his dogs are well trained and were very active in pursuit. When they found the pig they truly had the grit to get the job done. It was a great hunt. If you have the chance to hunt with Total Safari Ne Zealand, I would jump at it. We are planning a return trip next year and I will look forward to joining them for another hunt. Thanks again for a great experience! "

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Tani, 2015. Finland

I have used Total Safari NZ several times. I wish to confirm that their service has always been excellent. There have been times when we have not got any game, but these fellows really do their best efforts to make it happen. They know their surroundings and that is the utmost important.


Don D,  May 2014. USA

Cruise Ship shore excursions are not very exciting. So I booked a hunt with Matt Breach. My wife accompanied me with a GoPro and proclaimed it was the best shore excursion ever - better than a roller coaster. I gave Matt my itinerary, hunting experience, and fitness level. In return, I got a feral goat at about 200 meters, pictures, stories, and the envy of every hunter on the ship. Matt provided everything, given real meaning to the kiwi phrase "no worries". Brent made sure that my wife had an enjoyable time hunting with us. She doesn't hunt, but now she understands why I love hunting. Thank you Matt, Brent, and your pack of hunting dogs for making NZ a must go destination.


Shane,  2014. Australia

I was in Wellington with a couple of days spare. Contacted Matt and he worked out an itinerary to take in the things that I wanted to do - hunting and fishing. Had a great couple of days; spectacular scenery, interesting stuff to do, some laughs, finished off by an exciting pig hunt through some of the toughest terrain that you can imagine. It was a memorable couple of days. Matt is a nice guy who is flexible and seems to try to make sure that the client is getting what they want.


Scott L. 2019

Our crew just finished a good trip in the sounds with Matt and his team. Hunting, fishing, diving and beer drinking. Matt and his team are bloody good fellas and our crew of 12 salty sea dogs got along with them easy as.