Single and multi-day hunting trips throughout New Zealand

Hunting in New Zealand typically falls into one of three categories: public land free range, private land free range, or safari park trophy hunting.  


At Total Safari NZ, we predominantly focus on the first two types, but of late we now also have access to one of New Zealand's premier trophy hunting properties located in the beautiful Central North Island high country.


We are focused on providing hunts with ethical hunting practices, where a "hunt" is exactly that, animals have a fair chance of escape and the hunter's skills are put to the test. Hunting for kai (food) and enjoying the stunning locations is always our primary objective for our clients, but we also understand the thrill of chasing a large stag or boar for the ultimate souvenir.


Our strike rate for our customers is second to none and we put that down to experience, perseverance and a range of amazing hunting locations. Our single and multi-day hunting experiences throughout New Zealand target Red, Fallow and Sika deer and we also hunt wild boar, wild goats, and a range of small game and gamebirds (in season).


Our hunting packages can be, altered, combined or fully tailored to suit you or your groups goals, timeframe and budget. So get in touch with us to start planning your hunting adventure today!

All prices are in (NZD) New Zealand Dollars

Hunting with Total Safari

Our Hunting Trips

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Price: $550 per person (Minimum 2 people)

Available: February - July & September - December

Hunt type: Private land free range

Location: Whanganui/Raetihi, Central North Island. 


This beautiful North Island high country farm is hands down one of the best Fallow deer hunting properties New Zealand has to offer. This hunting experience is our most popular package and has hunters from near and far returning year after year.


This  hunt is a great option for people wanting to shoot their first deer, wanting private hunting lessons with professional guides, or  just enjoy a stunning location and put some prime venison in the freezer. 


This experience is suitable for all experience and age levels and farm tracks enable ATV access to different hunting areas.

Price Includes:

  • 1 meat animal person - Spikers and Hind/Doe (females).

  • 1 nights country farmstay style accommodation (power, fire, hot water, beds and TV).

  • Meals - Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

  • Tea, coffee and Juice.

  • Professional Guide(s).

  • Rifles and equipment (if required).

  • Use of ATV Vehicles.

  • All field dressing and skinning of animals (if required). 


Additional Extras:

  • Extra meat animals  $170.

  • Wild Goats: $40 per animal.

  • Small game and gamebirds. 


Upgrading your “meat animal” to a Buck

  • Cull Buck + $100.

  • Mid size trophy/Large character + $350.

  • Trophy Buck + $700.

Extra nights accommodation and meals $120 Per person/per night


Cost: $750 Per day (up to 4 people) 

Available: March - December

Hunt type: Public and Private land free range, Forestry.

Location: Wairarapa, Central North Island, Marlborough regions.


We believe the Southern Hemisphere wild boar is possibly the most challenging animal to hunt in New Zealand.


They are a real test of a hunter's skill and toughness. Not everyone is able to get in and “mix it” in the scrub with one of these beasts! At Total Safari NZ, we hunt pigs mostly up close and personal with dogs and knives.


A day of genuine kiwi, free range hunting for hogs, is the aim of the game here. We use a trained pack of specialist dogs and we probe remote locations to try and outwit one of these exceptional animals on their home turf.


The thrill of the chase and unpredictability of the hunt is one of the best and most addictive parts of pig hunting in New Zealand.

Price includes: 

  • A day's Pig hunting (up to 4 people).

  • Accommodation and meals if more than one day.

  • Expert hunting guides and dogs.

  • Any hunting equipment required.

  • Field dressing of animals for butchery.

(Extra people $150pp)

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Price:$875 (Group price)


Available: February- July & Sept- Dec

Hunt type: Private land Free Range

Location: Kakatahi, Central North Island


A day hunting genuine wild Fallow deer and wild goats for up to 3 people (hunters or Spectators). 


This is a great option for people wanting to shoot their first deer, have private hunting lessons with professional guides, or just put some quality venison in the freezer. There is even a chance for those wanting to take a beautiful Fallow buck.


Hunting is free range and fair chase. Farm tracks enable ATV access to different hunting areas. Spot and stalk into shooting positions, then recover animals. 

Price includes: 

  • 2 "meat" animals for the group - Spikers and Hind/Doe (females) & 1 wild goat.

  • Professional Guide(s).

  • Rifles and equipment (if required).

  • Use of ATV Vehicles.

  • All field dressing and skinning of animals
    (if required). 


  • Additional Extras:

  • Extra meat animals  $170.

  • Wild Goats: $40 per animal.

  • Small game and gamebirds (POA).

  • Upgrading your “meat animal” to a Buck

  • Cull Buck + $100.

  • Mid size trophy/Large character + $350.

  • Trophy Buck + $700.


Prices from $2500 per person

Available: March - September

Public Land, Private land Free Range, or Safari Park options available.

Locations: Wairarapa, Marlborough, Hawkes Bay Regions.


In New Zealand, the introduced Red deer have adapted well and are widely hunted on both islands of New Zealand. New Zealand Red deer produce very large antlers and are regarded as some of the best in the world by hunters.

Our 3-day Red stag hunts have our clients stalking the elusive Red stags in breathtaking scenery with local experienced guides. 

Total Safari NZ offers Red stag hunting on either public land, private land, or world renowned trophy parks. We have the hunting opportunity to suit your timeframe, budget, or your desired hunting experience.

Price includes: 

  • Professional guide(s).

  • 2 nights accommodation.

  • Meals and non alcoholic beverages.

  • Transport to and from Wellington (if necessary).

  • All equipment needed, including guns and ammunition.

  • Preparation of any animals for butchery and taxidermy.


  • The experience can be customised to allow for extra days, extra people or other Deer species. $POA.


Prices from $700per person (Minimum 2)

Available: All year round

Location: Hawkes Bay Region

Hunt type: Private land, Safari hunting park 


This is our newest offering, targeting Sika, Fallow and Red deer in the beautiful Hawkes Bay high country. Total Safari NZ is proud to team with this world renowned trophy hunting property that produces some of New Zealand’s (and the world's) best Red, Fallow and Sika deer trophies. 

Here we can target “meat” animals, cull stags, or the trophy of a lifetime! Accommodation can be provided with a rustic High country hut on the property, or for the more discerning client a 5 star lodge is also located on-site as well.

This hunt is perfect for beginners and experienced hunters alike and although this is a “High Fence” hunting park, the property is huge and targeting a certain animal can still be challenging.

Price includes: 

  • 1 “meat” animal per hunter (fallow or sika).

  • Professional Guide(s).

  • One night's Hut style accommodation.

  • All meals and non alcoholic beverages.

  • Transportation to and from the hunting area if required.

  • Rifles and hunting equipment (if required).

  • Trophy Fallow Buck, Red and Sika Stag options available (P.O.A) 

  • 4 Star Lodge with private bedrooms available on request @ extra $250per person/per night)

"THE BIG 3"      
Red, Sika and Fallow Deer 

Price:  $12,000 per hunter

(Non hunters $400 per day)

Available: March - July

Locations: Whanganui/Hawkes Bay/Wairarapa

Hunt type: Private land Free Range/Safari park. 


Our premium Trophy package for the hunter/ trophy collector wanting to target these three amazing big game deer species. 


Hunting properties are located in the beautiful North Island of New Zealand in the Ruapehu, Wairarapa and Hawke’s Bay Regions.

Price includes: 

  • 1 Mature Red Stag 12-16 points (300+DS).

  • 1 Large Fallow Buck.

  • 1 Sika Stag 6 points or larger. 

  • Professional Guide(s).

  • Premium hotel and Hunting lodge accommodation.

  • All Meals and Beverages.

  • Transportation to and from hunting areas, airport pick up and drop off if required).

  • Any equipment required.

  • All preparation of Animals for taxidermy and butchery.

What our clients are saying...

Abrie Van Aarde.jpg

Marc, March 2019

I’ve been using total safari for the last 3 years for trips and have advised on all trips what I would like to target, every trip has delivered results of pigs, deers, kingfish and endless fish.


Matt fully knows what he’s doing and I would highly recommend any of his trips and I can’t wait to book my next adventure with these guys...


Abrie, May 2020

Great day out with amazing guys. Awesome support and exhilarating experience. 


An absolute must if you want to bag a beautiful animal and find yourself in the best scenery the North island can offer.


Shannon, 2016

Outstanding! Matt was an excellent guide with very in depth knowledge of the area and hunting in general. He was very professional and an excellent teacher when it came to showing a few of the lesser experienced lads how to stalk, dispatch and gut our kills.


Me and the boys can't stop talking about how much we enjoyed our trip and can't wait to start planning another one with the guys from Total Safaris NZ.


Eugene, 2016

Can I just express our thanks to Matt, Chris & Dean for a great hunting and fishing experience over a five day period. As well as being great guides you guys are great hosts with entertaining personalities. recommend you to anyone who wants a unique hunting and fishing experience where flexibility is not an issue with the clients end goal experience being paramount. You guys will be seeing myself and Daniel again for another great adventure.